Senin, 03 September 2012

What does it mean to be saved?

In Romans 10:13, the Bible says that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Man rebelled and brought sin and death to the earth and broke his relationship with God. But God loves us so much that He wants to restore us to Himself so we can live with Him for eternity. This is what it means to be saved. God gave us His Son Jesus to pay for our sins by dying on the cross. Our part is to believe that Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead. When we do this, our sins are forgiven, our relationship with God is restored and we can live forever with Him. If we do not accept this free gift, we must pay for our own sins and will be completely separated from God forever. This is called Hell. God wants to save you from Hell. That is why He gave His own son as a sacrifice for your sins and my sins. You can accept this free gift and be saved. Have you made your decision yet? You can become a part of God's family!

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