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koleksi cerita jawa barat

kami beri cerita rakyat jawa barat berbahasa inggris kepada anda:

Nyai Anteh Sang Penunggu Bulan
Nyi Anteh In ancient times in West Java there is a kingdom called the kingdom Pakuan. Pakuan is the kingdom a very fertile and has a very beautiful natural scenery. People also live in peace under the wise leadership of the king. Inside the palace there are two teenage girls who are equally beautiful and always looks very harmonious. The one named Endahwarni and the other named Anteh. King and Queen were very fond of both, even though the girls have different social status. Princess is the heir apparent Endahwarni Pakuan kingdom, while Nyai Anteh was only a child of the queen's favorite ladies. Because Nyai Dadap, Nyai Anteh mother died in childbirth Anteh, so since then Nyai Anteh Endahwarni daughter grew up with who happened to be newly born. Now that Nyai Anteh a teenager, he was appointed as a personal maid princess Endahwarni.
"You do not call me Gusti daughter when she was alone with me," said the princess. "To me you're still my beloved sister. No matter satatusmu that only a lady. Remember the baby since we grew up together, so until whenever we will remain brothers. Look out ya! If I forget to mention you will be legal! "
"Neither Gust brother ..... eh!" Said Nyai Anteh.
"Anteh, actually I envy you," said the princess.
"Ah, why envy kak. I do not have something that can make others jealous, "said Anteh surprised.
"Do not you know that you are prettier than me. If you're a princess, a prince who must have been a lot of asking you to marry, "said the princess, smiling.
"Ha ha ha .. brother could have. How could this be spelled ugly face pretty. Endah tuh kak beautiful, just yesterday the other side of the prince of the kingdom came, he got fascinated by the older brother. Kak is not it? "Anteh replied with spirit.
"Well you could have. That's because it's time you choose clothes that suit me. O yes you where the clothes tailor made at that? "Asked the princess.
"Eeee ... that ... that ... that sewing my own brother." Replied Anteh.
"Really? Well I do not think you're good at sewing. Then next time you have to make clothes for me anymore yes. Hmmmm ... maybe my wedding dress? "Cried the princess.
"Oh where I dare to make a wedding dress for brother. If ugly, I would get yelled at people, "said Anteh fear.
"It will not fail! Yesterday alone can dress wedding dress ... so too can do it, "the daughter said.
One night the queen summoned and Nyai Anteh Endahwarni daughter to her room. "Endah my daughter, I have something to talk about mothers," said the queen.

"Yes mother," replied the princess.
"Endah, you are my only son. Later you will be queen Pakuan lead the people to replace your father, "said the queen. "As per the provisions of the palace you have to have a companion of life before it can be promoted to queen."
"I mean the mother, Endah should get married?" Asked the princess.
"Yes, son, father and mother also was consulted and agreed that the candidate companion that suits you is Anantakusuma, duke of the duchy wetan child. He was a good man and what's more he's dashing and handsome. You must be happy with him, "said the queen. "And you Anteh, your duty is to maintain and provide for your brother not to happen to him."
"Good gusti queen," replied Anteh.
That night the daughter asked Nyai Anteh Endahwarni to accompany him. "I'm so scared Anteh," the daughter said sadly. "How could I marry someone I did not know. What if he does not love me? "
"Sister do not think bad about it," consoled Anteh. "I believe gusti King and Queen will not arbitrarily choose a mate for the brother. And youth who would not see the beauty in love brother. Ah well, brother calm and pray alone. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. "
One fine morning, Anteh was gathering flowers to decorate the bun princess jasmine Endahwarni. Anteh glad to see the blooming flowers and butterflies flowers vied with each other. He began to hum with delight. Anteh a melodious voice in the wind flying through the palace walls. At that time a handsome young man was passing within the walls of the palace garden. He tepesona heard such melodious. Apparently the young man is Anantakusuma. He is very powerful, and the wall of the palace is so high dilompatinya easily. He was hiding behind a flower groves, and behold him a very pretty girl. Anantakusuma felt his chest vibrate, "how beautiful she is, whether he Endahwarni future wife's daughter?" He thought. Anantakusuma out of hiding. Anteh surprised when it suddenly appeared in front of an unknown young man.
"Who sir," asked Anteh.
"I Anantakusuma. Are you ..... "With no time to ask someone to call Anteh Anantakusuma. "Anteh! Quick! Daughter called you! "Said a lady.
"Yes. I soon came. Sorry sir I must go, "said the direct Anteh Anantakusuma fled.
"He was not Endahwarni," thought Anantakusuma. "And I fell in love with her. I wish it was he who became my wife. "
A few days later, the court looked to another busy than usual. Duke wetan today will come with his son, Anantakusuma, to officially apply for Endahwarni daughter. King and Queen to entertain his guests with joy. Endahwarni daughter also seemed happy to see her future husband who is very dashing and handsome. As with the Anantakusuma seen no enthusiasm. He was disappointed because it was not going to marry his dream girl.
Came the banquet. Anteh and some other palace ladies entered the room carrying trays of food.
"Please taste the special foods of this palace," said Anteh with respect.
"Thank you Anteh, please direct taste," said King told his visitors.
Anantakusuma stunned to see his dream girl is now in front of him. His throat was dry and his eyes would not let go of Nyai Anteh was busy arranging the dishes. It had not escaped the attention of Endahwarni daughter. Pahamlah that her future husband he had put his heart on the other gasis, and the girl is Anteh. Endahwarni daughter was jealous, disappointed and hurt. Vengeance in his heart arise in Anteh. He felt guilty so as Anantakusuma Antehlah not love him.
After the meal is completed and daughter back to her room, Anteh meet the princess.
"How kak? My sister was happy to see the future husband's brother? Well it turns out he is very handsome? "Said Anteh. Heart burn Endahwarni daughter heard the words Anteh. He thought back to how Anantakusuma looked Anteh with love.
"Anteh, from this moment you do not have to serve me. I also do not want you near me. I do not want to see your face, "said daughter Endahwarni.
"A.. What kak my fault? Why brother suddenly so angry? "Said Anteh surprised.
"I just hate to see your face!" Snapped daughter. "I do not want you near me again ... No! I do not want you there at this palace. You must leave here today! "
"But why kak? At least say what is my fault? "Cried Anteh.
"Ah do a lot of questions. You've mengkianatiku. Because you do not love me Anantakusuma. He loves you. I know it. And that's because he sees that you're more beautiful than me. You have to go from here Anteh, let Anantakusuma forget you! "Said the princess.
"Well kak, I'll go from here. But kak, I really do not have the slightest wish to betray brother. Please convey apologies and my thanks to the King and Queen of Gusti. "
Anteh moved away from the room Endahwarni daughter to her room and began packing his belongings. The other ladies to keep her daughter told Endahwarni well.
Nyai Anteh walked out of the gate of the palace, not knowing what to do outside the palace. But he decided to go to his mother's hometown. Anteh never go there, but this time some senior ladies ever tell. When it was almost evening, Anteh arrived in the village where his mother was born. When he was pondered what to do, all of a sudden a man who has lived to call it.
"Sorry, son, if the child was not here?" He asked.
"Yes uncle, I've come!" Said Anteh fear.
"Oh sorry I mean not scare you, but your face reminds me of someone. You look a lot like my sister Dadap, "
"Dadap? Dadap my mother's name also. Is the uncle's brother worked in the palace as a lady? "Said Anteh.
"Yes ....! Are you .... Dadap son, "asked the uncle.
"Yes uncle," answered Anteh.
"Oh, then you are my nephew. Waru I was your uncle, your mother's sister, "said uncle Waru with teary eyes.
"Really? Oh uncle, I finally found my mother's family, "said Anteh happily.
"Who are you here? Are not you a lady? "Said uncle Waru.
"Long story uncle. But may I ask permission to stay in the house of his uncle. I do not know where to go, "pleaded Anteh.
"Sure, son, you are my son, too. Of course you can stay at my house. Let's go! "Said the uncle Waru.
Since then Anteh lived in his uncle's house in the village. To help his uncle, Anteh received orders to sew clothes. At first Anteh neighbor sewed clothes, after a long time because the seams are nice, the people of the village, too far to sew their clothes Anteh. So he and his uncle's family could live quite of the results to sew.
Many years have passed. Anteh now married and has two children. One day in front of his house to stop a carriage and a lot of guards on horseback. Once the owner of the carriage is stuck his head, screaming Anteh. Turns out it was the daughter Endahwarni. Endahwarni daughter got off the train and burst into tears hugging Anteh.
"Oh Anteh, I've mecarimu! Where were you during the ni? Why do not you call me though? Did I really hurt you? I'm sorry Anteh. At that time I was desperate, so I kick you when you're innocent. I'm sorry ... "cried the daughter.
"Gusti ... do so. I should be sorry to have upset you, "said Anteh.
"Nothing. I am the guilty. For that Anteh, you must come with me back to the castle! "Pleaded daughter.
"But I now have a daughter her husband and children. I also worked as a seamstress. If I go, they will lose, "said Anteh.
"My husband and kids of course you should also bring to the palace," said the princess, laughing. "Regarding your work, you'll be picked up as a tailor's palace. How? You may not refuse, this command! "
Finally Anteh and his family moved to the palace. Endahwarni daughter had made a home on the edge of the park for their lives. However Anteh always feel bad every meeting with the prince Anantakusuma, Endahwarni daughter's husband. Prince Anantakusuma apparently never forgot his dream girl. Anteh has made a return of love which is buried to rise again. At first the prince Anantakusuma trying to survive by not considering the presence of Anteh. But the longer the tempestuous love.
Until one night Anantakusuma reckless prince went into the palace garden, in case he could meet with Anteh. Yeah, right. Anteh saw was in the verandah of his house, playing around with Candramawat, her pet cat while enjoying the beautiful moonlight. Although now old, but the prince Anantakusuma, Anteh still as pretty as the first moment they met. Anteh slowly approached.
"Anteh!" He says. Anteh surprised. Antakusuma prince saw standing before him.
"Pa .. prince? why princes here? What if someone sees? "Said Anteh fear.
"I do not care. The important thing I can be with you. Anteh you know what? That I love you so much. Since we met in the park to this day, I still love you, "said the prince.
"Prince, you should not say that. You are the daughter's husband Endahwarni. He is the older brother I loved very much. If you're hurt, you hurt me the same thing, "he said, hugging Candramawat Anteh.
"I can not ... I can not forget you! You should be mine Anteh! Come let me hold you! "Said the prince, trying to hold hands Anteh.
Anteh back with fear. "Be sober prince! You must not betray Gusti's daughter. "
But the prince remained close Anteh kusuma Ananta.
Anteh who fear trying to escape. But the prince Anantakusuma still after him. "Oh God, help this servant!" Anteh prayer, "Give the slave power to be separated from the prince Anantakusuma. Servant knows he's very powerful. Therefore, please Servant. Do not let him hurt the servant and the servant's brother! "
Anteh suddenly felt a pulling force to the upper body. He looked up and saw the moon and pulled the blanket. Prince Anantakusuma only be struck by the departure of Anteh a higher and higher and finally disappeared with the cloud-covered moon.
Since then Nyai Anteh live on the moon, alone, and only accompanied by her pet cat. He could not return to earth for fear of the prince Anantakusuma going after him. If the longing in her family was unbearable, he would weave the fabric to be used as stairs. Unfortunately the weaving was never completed because the cat always destroying it. Now if we could see the full moon shadow weave Nyai accompanied Candramawat Anteh sitting. That's the story of the keeper Nyai Anteh months.

Asal Usul Telaga Warna

Ancient times, there is a kingdom in West Java called Kutatanggeuhan. Kutatanggeuhan is a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. People live in peace and prosperity as led by the wise king. Kutatanggeuhan king named King and queen named Queen Suwartalaya Purbamanah. Sangant wise kings and queens so that work led prosperous and peaceful.
All very nice. Unfortunately, the King and his wife have not had children. It makes the royal couple was very sad. Advisor to King suggested, that they adopt a child. But the King and Queen did not agree. "For us, the biological child is better than adopted children," they said.
Queen often depressed and crying. King was sorry to see his wife. Then the King went to the forest to meditate. There, the King continued to pray, to be blessed with children. Several months later, their wish come true. Queen also became pregnant. All the people in the kingdom is happy. They flooded the court with gifts.
Nine months later, the Queen gave birth to a daughter named Rukmini Gilang. Inhabitants of the land went back to the little princess sent various gifts. The baby grows into a cute boy. A dozen years later, he had become a beautiful teenager.
King and Queen was very fond of his daughter. They gave her whatever she wants. But it makes it a spoiled little girl. If the demands were not met, the girl will be angry. He even used to say rude. However, parents and people in the kingdom loved him.
Days passed, Princess has grown to be the prettiest girl in the whole country. In recent days, a 17 year old daughter will. So the inhabitants of the country went to the palace. They carry a wonderful variety of gifts. King collected the gifts very much, and then store it in the court room. At times, he could use it for the benefit of the people.
King just took a bit of gold and jewels. He took it to a jeweler. "Please, make a beautiful necklace for my daughter," said King. "With pleasure, Your Majesty," said the jeweler. He then worked d best, with a vengeance. He wanted to create the most beautiful necklace in the world, because he loved Princess.
Birthday came. Population of the country gathered in the palace square. When the King and Queen came, people are elated. More rave sounds, when a beautiful lady appeared in front of everyone. All the people admired her beauty.
King then rose from his chair. Beautiful necklace has been held. "My daughter dear, today I give you this necklace. This necklace is giving people from all over the country. They love you so much. They dedicate this prize, because they were excited to see you grow into adulthood. Wear this necklace, boy, "said King.
Princess accepted the necklace. Then he saw the necklace at a glance. "I do not want to wear. This necklace is ugly, "cried the Princess. Then she threw the necklace. Beautiful necklace was broken. Gold and pearl scattered on the floor.
That is shocking. No one thought, the Princess would do something like that. No one spoke. There was silence. Suddenly burst into tears Purbamanah Queen. He was very sad to see all putrinya.Akhirnya behavior was brought to tears, until the palace was wet with their tears. They kept crying until their eyes water flooded the palace, and all of a sudden came out of the ground water is swift, more and more. Until the end of empire and created a sink Kutatanggeuhan very beautiful lake.
On a sunny day, we could see the lake is full of beautiful color and wonderful. The color comes from the shadow of the forest, plants, flowers, and the sky around the lake. But people say, the colors came from Princess necklace scattered in the bottom of the lake.

Legenda Kamandaka Si Lutung Kasarung

This story is another of the monkey versil Kasarung heard a lot in the Sunda region. Kasarung monkey story is a story version of the Sand Noble. It is not important which one is right between the two versions, a clear, these stories to entertain and learned his lesson.
In West Java in the days of yore there was a Hindu kingdom of the great and powerful enough, which is centered in the city of Bogor. The kingdom is the kingdom "Pajajaran", at that time the king who ruled the King Siliwangi. He was elderly and intends to lift the crown prince as his successor.
Siliwangi King had three sons and one daughter from two Empress, consort of the first has two sons, namely Lots and Lots Cotro Ngampar. However, as Many and Many Ngampar Cotro young mother had died.
Then King Siliwangi eventually remarried with a second consort, namely Kumudaningsih. At the time David became Empress Kumuudangingsih taken by King Siliwangi, he entered into an agreement, that if one day he had a son of man, then putranyalah should be king in Pajajaran meggantikan.
From his marriage to Goddess Kumudaningsih, Silliwangi King had a son and a daughter, namely: Many Blabur and Dewi Pamungkas.
One day King Siliwangi call the crown prince, Lots and Lots Cotro Blabur to face, that is King Siliwangi will raise his son to replace a prince because he had lajut Pajajaran age.
But from the second crown prince no one would be appointed to be king in Pajajaran. Much as his eldest son Clark filed a number of reasons, among others, the reason is:
To order the Kingdom he was not ready, because not enough science.
To order the Kingdom of a king should be there with him the Empress, while many Cotro unmarried.
Many Cotro said that he had married when he met a daughter of a face like her mother. Many Cotro therefore requested permission to leave the kingdom Pajajaran to find the princess of her dreams.
Many Cotro departure from the mountain kingdom Tangkuban Pajajaran via boat, to appear before a priest that took place there. The priest is Ajar Winarong Ki, a powerful minister and told to marry the daughter who they want for the craving can be achieved.
This story is another of the monkey versil Kasarung heard a lot in the Sunda region. Kasarung monkey story is a story version of the Sand Noble. It is not important which one is right between the two versions, a clear, these stories to entertain and learned his lesson.
In West Java in the days of yore there was a Hindu kingdom of the great and powerful enough, which is centered in the city of Bogor. The kingdom is the kingdom "Pajajaran", at that time the king who ruled the King Siliwangi. He was elderly and intends to lift the crown prince as his successor.
Siliwangi King had three sons and one daughter from two Empress, consort of the first has two sons, namely Lots and Lots Cotro Ngampar. However, as Many and Many Ngampar Cotro young mother had died.
Then King Siliwangi eventually remarried with a second consort, namely Kumudaningsih. At the time David became Empress Kumuudangingsih taken by King Siliwangi, he entered into an agreement, that if one day he had a son of man, then putranyalah should be king in Pajajaran meggantikan.
From his marriage to Goddess Kumudaningsih, Silliwangi King had a son and a daughter, namely: Many Blabur and Dewi Pamungkas.
One day King Siliwangi call the crown prince, Lots and Lots Cotro Blabur to face, that is King Siliwangi will raise his son to replace a prince because he had lajut Pajajaran age.
But from the second crown prince no one would be appointed to be king in Pajajaran. Much as his eldest son Clark filed a number of reasons, among others, the reason is:
To order the Kingdom he was not ready, because not enough science.
To order the Kingdom of a king should be there with him the Empress, while many Cotro unmarried.
Many Cotro said that he had married when he met a daughter of a face like her mother. Many Cotro therefore requested permission to leave the kingdom Pajajaran to find the princess of her dreams.
Many Cotro departure from the mountain kingdom Tangkuban Pajajaran via boat, to appear before a priest that took place there. The priest is Ajar Winarong Ki, a powerful minister and told to marry the daughter who they want for the craving can be achieved.

But there are several requirements that must be performed and covered by many Cotro, which should remove all clothing and menaggalkan greatness of the kingdom by just wearing ordinary clothes. And he shall disguised under the pseudonym "Raden Kamandaka"
After Raden Kamandaka walked for days from Tangkuban boat to the east, then came to Raden Kamandaka kewilayah Sand Luhur Duchy.
Incidentally Raden Kamandaka to Pasir Luhur, betemu with the Duchy of Sand Luhur Patih Patih Reksonoto. Because Patih Reksonoto mempuunyai no child is old, then Raden Kamandaka eventually be adopted Patih Reksonoto feel very proud and happy to have her son Raden Kamandaka Lift the gallant and handsome, then Patih Reksonoto love her very much.
The Duchy of Sand ordered the Noble is "Adi Starch Kanandoho". He has a daughter and some people are married except the youngest, who is a virgin goddess Ciptoroso. Ciptoroso goddess is a princess who has a face like a mother raden Kamandaka, and the Princess is being sought by the NII yng Kamandaka Raden.
A habit of the Duchy of Pasir Luhur that every year a ceremony held at the time Logawa fishing. At this ceremony all the family of the Duchy of Sand Luhur pejabatan with the authorities and the government played catch fish at times Logawa.
At the ceremony Patih Reksonoto go fishing in Logawa times, without knowing it Kamandaka Raden had secretly followed her from behind. On this occasion Prince Kamandaka can meet with the Goddess Ciptoroso and they both fell in love.
At the request of David Raden Kamandaka Ciptoroso so in the evening to see David Ciptoroso dating in the park Kaputren Duchy Ciptoroso Goddess Sand Luhur place to be. It is true that night Raden Kamandaka quietly without permission Resonoto duke, she went to see David Ciptoroso already longing awaiting the arrival of Prince Kamandaka.
However, the existence of Raden Kamandaka Kaputren Park Joint Goddess Ciptoroso not last long. Because suddenly Kaputren soldier guards in the park knowing that there are thieves who entered. It was then later reported by Adipatih Kandandoho.
Responding to the report, then Adipatih very angry and ordered his soldiers to capture the peencuri. Because the miracle of dexterity and knowledge possessed by Raden Kamandaka, then Raden Kamandaka can escape from the cordon of soldiers Sand Noble.
Before Raden Kamandaka escaped Kaputren Park, he had revealed his own identity. That he named the son of Raden Kamandaka Patih Reksonoto.
It is heard olehh soldier, and to report to Adipatih Kandandoho. Hearing this the Patih Reksonoto was called and had to surrender his son. This command is implemented by Patih Reksonoto, although in his heart is very heavy. Sehimgga with the finesse of Patih Reksonoto, then Raden Kamandaka can run and chase the soldiers survived.
Raden Kamandaka plunge and dive into the river with the flow of river water. By Patih Reksonoto and the soldiers who were pursuing, it was reported that the Prince is said to have died in Kamandaka sugai. Hearing this news Adipatih Kandandoho feel relieved and satisfied. Otherwise Nmun Ciptoroso Goddess who after hearing the news was very grim and sad.
Raden Kamandaka diving along the river followed by a Meet the fishing in the river. The person named Rekajaya, Raden Rekajaya Kamandaka and then good friends and settled in the village Panagih. In this village was adopted by Raden Kamandaka Kektosuro Mbok, a poor widow in the village tersebbut.
Raden Kamandaka become a fan of cockfighting. Incidentally Mbok Reksonoto have a rooster named "Mercu". On each chicken Penyabungan Raden Kamandaka always win the game, then Kamandaka Raden became very famous as botoh chicken.
It is spread through the kingdom of Pasir Luhur, hear this Adipatih Kandadoho become angry and furious. He ordered his soldiers to catch live or die Raden Kamandaka.
At that time all of a sudden there came a handsome young man admitted that he called "Silihwarni" who will devote themselves to the Pasir Luhur, so he accepted his request, but provided that he should be able to kill the Prince Kamandaka. To prove it he had to take blood and liver Kamandaka Raden.
Silihwarni actually is a pseudonym. The name was actually the son of the royal Ngampar Many Pajajaran, the younger brother of Prince Kamandaka.
He was by his father King Siliwangi tasked to find a sibling who has not long to go back. To overcome on the way, he provided Kujang Pamungkas heirloom kris as a weapon. And he also disguised under the name Silihwarni, and dress like ordinary people.
Because he heard the news that his brother was in the Duchy Pasir Luhur, so he went there. After receiving orders from Adipatih Silihwarni, he went with some soldiers and followed dogs to the village of Karang area, where Penyabungan chicken.
This is where they met. But they are not familiar anymore. Silihwari raknyat dressed as usual while Raden Kamandaka botoh dressed as chickens, and his face pale with suppressed kernduan his girlfriend.
Tempers persabungan Kamandaka Raden and Silihwarni epilepsy, with the unwitting by Raden Kamandaka Silihwarni suddenly thrust belt with a dagger Kujang Raden Kamandaka pamungkasnya. Because it's the dagger cuts darahpun out with rain. However, due to Raden Kamandaka dexterity, he was able to escape from danger, and where he can escape is called Brobosan village, which means he can get away from danger.
Because the wound bled profusely, he was a short break somewhere, that place is called Bancran. Prince continues his run Kamandaka Silihwarni and pursued by soldiers. At one place to catch the dog Raden Kamandaka tracer and then it gave the name of the village of Coral Dogs.
Raden Kamandaka kept running towards the east and arrived at an impasse and this place he gave the name of the village of deadlock. In the end Raden Kamandaka arrived at a Goa. Inside the cave he was hiding from the rest and kejaraan Silihwarni. Silihwarni who continue to pursue after he lost the trail to the cave. Then Silihwarnipun of the mouth of the cave called Raden Kamandaka challenging.
After hearing tantagan Silihwarni, Raden Kamandaka replied he revealed his own identity, that he was the son of the royal name Pajajaran Many Cotro.
After that Silihwarnipun said his identity that he was also the son of the Kingdom Pajajaran, named Many Ngampar. Similarly, the recognition of words between Raden Kamandaka and Silihwarni that they are Pajajaran son, then the people who hear the name of the second version, for those Jatijajar Goa. Then they both berpeluka and forgive each other.
But because Silihwarni must bring proof of your heart and blood Kamandaka Raden, then finally cut the tracking dog and her blood taken. It is said that it is the heart and blood Kamandaka Raden had killed.
Raden Kamandaka then meditated in the cave and get a clue, that his intention to marry Dewi Ciptoroso be achieved if he had got a dress "monkey" and he was told to get closer to the Duchy of Pasir Luhur, That settled in the Great Batur forest, south-south west of the stone Raden.
An indulgence of Sand Adipatih Noble is hunting. One day Adipatih and all his family hunt, suddenly Meet with a very large monkey and tame. Which finally catch monkeys alive.
Will be brought home when, suddenly Rekajaya come off that it was a pet monkey, and told beredia help care for her if the monkeys would be maintained in the Duchy. And the request was granted.
Having reached the duchy of women fought to preserve monkeys. During the Duchy monkeys do not want to be fed. Therefore, eventually the monkeys Adipatih disayembarakan ie if there was one of the daughters can feed monkeys and accepted by then he was going to keep monkeys.
It turns out food that is received by the monkeys of the Goddess Ciporoso food, the "monkey Kasarung" it became domesticated goddess Ciptoroso. At night monkeys transformed into Kamandaka Raden. So just a goddess Ciptoroso know about it. During the day he turned into a monkey again. Then the situation has become very excited Goddess and happy, which is always accompanied by Javan Kasarung.
Once on a day of Nusa Kambangan raden Discuss King Pule told Patihnya to woo the Duchy Youngest Daughter Goddess Sand Luhur Ciptoroso courtship and threatening if refused he would destroy the Duchy of Sand Noble.
At the suggestion and request of the monkey king Pule Discuss Kasarung proposal in order to receive it. But there are several requirements that must be met by the king Pule Discuss. One of them is the wedding later in the meeting must be accompanied monkey Kasarung Ciporoso Goddess.
Wedding took place at the meeting, King Pule Discuss harassed by a monkey who always accompany the Goddess Kasarung Ciptoroso. Therefore the King Pule Discuss angry and hit the monkey Kasarung. But the monkey Kasarung ready to fight against King Pule Discuss.
The fight with the monkey king Pule Discuss Kasarung happen very exciting. However, because the miracle of Luung Kasarung, Pule Discuss King eventually fall strangled and bitten by a monkey Kasarung.
When King Pule Discuss the monkey fall Kasarung was immediately transformed into Kamandaka Raden, and instantly the greatness of the kingdom Pajajaran mengenkan clothes and claimed his name Many Cotro. Now Adipatih Sand Noble knows the truth is Kamandaka and Raden Raden Kamandaka is Cotro and Much Much Monkey Kasarung Cotro is the crown prince of the royal Pajajaran. And finally she mated with the goddess Ciptoroso.
But because Raden Kamandaka already disabled at the time of cockfighting with Silihwarni hit the dagger Kujang Pamungkas Raden Kamandaka can not replace a king in Pajajaran.
Because Pajajaran royal tradition, the crown prince to replace the king should not be disabled because Kujang Pamungkas heritage. So after he was married to Goddess Ciptoroso, Raden Kamandaka can only be Adipatih in Pasir Luhur Replaces in-law. While the King is a lot Blabur Pajajaran.
Prabu Barma Wijaya Kusuma is a king who ruled a vast empire Galuh. He has two beautiful empress. The first named Pohaci Naganingrum empress and the second named Dewi Pangrenyep. Both are pregnant with the king. Nine months later gave birth to a son Pangrenyep Goddess and named Hariang Banga. Of course, these events make the king was delighted.

Three months after the birth of Hariang Banga, Pohaci Naganingrum empress had not given birth. Dewi Pangrenyep very worried that Pohaci later gave birth to a son who can seize the king's affection for Hariang Banga, which raised the son of his evil intentions to harm Pohaci.

When the anticipated nantikanpun arrived, at month-13, gave birth to her son Pohaci. Goddess Pangrenyep efforts, none of the ladies are allowed to help birth Pohaci, except Goddess Pangrenyep own. His evil intentions be carried out by replacing Pohaci son with a dog. He said as if Pohaci has given birth to a dog. Infants then were added to the kandaga Pohaci golden eggs along the river and dihanyutkannya Citandui.
This event would embarrass and anger the king Because Pohaci Naganingrum who has given birth to a dog. Rajapun ordered Si stepped down (court officials) to kill Pohaci. The resignation of a kind can not bear to kill the consort of the king's humble. Then he pretended to carry out the commandment of the king and the report had been killed, Pohaci been rescued by the villagers hiding place of his birth.
In a secluded village Geger Sunten that there was a man named Aki and his wife Nini Balangantrang. The village is located deep in the interior of the forest and difficult to be reached. Aki and Nini is a pair of long-married but have not been blessed with children.

Nini had a dream one night of full moon fall. The dream was told to the husband and the husband knows Takbir dream, that they would receive sustenance. That same evening Aki went to the river carrying nets to catch ikan.Betapa surprised and delighted he got the gold kandaga containing chicken eggs and their babies. They take care of the baby patiently and lovingly. Chicken eggs were tetaskan and maintained until they become a rooster that magical and mighty. This adopted son they named Ciung Wanara.
A dozen years later Ciung Wanara grow into an adult man. He asked his father and his adoptive mother about their origins and Nini Aki was told about the origins Ciung Wanara. After hearing the story of her adoptive parents, Ciung Wanara be understood who he was.
One day Ciung Wanara farewell to risking the chicken with the chicken king, because he heard the king fond of cock fighting. The bet is, if the chicken Ciung Wanara lose then he was willing to sacrifice his life. But if the chicken king defeated, the king must be willing to promote him to the crown prince. King gladly accepted the offer.
Before the cock fight, cock crowed with Ciung Wanara oddly enough, describes the events of the past decades the empress who was sentenced to death and containing gold kandaga baby swept away. King did not realize it, but otherwise The resignation was very impressed about it. Even he realizes now that Ciung Wanara was before him was the son of the king himself.
After persabungan, chicken and chicken king lost Ciung Wanara win. The king kept his promise and Ciung Wanara appointed crown prince. The removal of the party crown prince, the king of the kingdom to split 2 Ciung Hariang Wanara and Banga. Party is complete removal of the crown prince, The king stepped down telling the truth about the empress Pohaci Naganingrum and Ciung Wanara.
Itii heard the king ordered the guards to arrest Pehgrenyep Goddess. That places a fight between the Ciung Wanara Hariang Banga. Banga Hariang body thrown into the river's flood Cipamali. Since then, the kingdom was divided into two parts Galuh with Cipamali river boundary. In the western part was ruled by Hariang Banga. The people are enjoying the harp and loved rhyme. While the eastern part was ruled by Ciung Wanara. The people are enjoying the puppet show and songs. Penchant for its colorful inhabitants are still clearly felt until now.

Situ Bagendit

Legend of West Java.
Once upon a time there arrowroot town just north of a village whose inhabitants were mostly farmers. Because land in the village is very fertile and is never short of water, the rice fields they always produce abundant rice. But even so, the inhabitants of the village poor still lack.
It was still a little dark and the dew still clings in the foliage, but the residents had rushed to their fields. Today is the day of harvest. They will reap the yellowed rice and sell it to a middleman named Nyai Endit.
Nyai Endit is the richest man in the village. His house was luxurious, rice barns are very broad because it should be sufficient to accommodate all the rice bought from farmers in the village. Yes! All the farmers. And not by voluntary farmers were selling their crops to Nyai Endit.Mereka forced to sell all their crops at a low price if you do not want to look for cases with a guard-watchman housekeeper Endit messenger. And if their rice supply runs out, they should buy from a gammer Endit prices soared.
"Well ya fate when we change?" Said a farmer to his friend. "I can not stand living like this. Why Well, God does not punish the usurer that? "
"Shhh, do not kenceng-kenceng atuh, there will be a denger!" Replied his friend. "We have to wait mah! Later also will come retaliation in kind for people who like doing injustice to others. God's house never sleeps! "
While iru Nyai Endit was checking rice granary.
"Barja" said the housekeeper Endit. "How? Are all the rice has been purchased? "Said the housekeeper Endit.
"Nyi's done!" Replied the watchman named Barja. "It should be checked Nyi barn! The barn is full filled with rice, and even some of us still keep out because it was no longer fit. "
"Ha ha ha ha ...! Soon they will run out of rice and will buy padiku. I will get rich! Good! Keep an eye on the farmers, do not let them sell their crops to other places. Give a lesson for anyone who defied! "Said Nyai Endit.
Sure enough, a few weeks later, the villagers began to run out of food and many were already suffering from hunger. While Nyai Endit always feast on lavish meals at home.
"Oh sir, our rice supply is running low. Soon we are forced to buy rice to Nyai Endit. Next door neighbor said the price is now five times more than the time we sell first. How ya sir? And we also need to buy other necessities. O Lord, give us relief at the expense of what we carry. "
That grumbling the villagers over abuses Nyai Endit.
One hot afternoon, from the end of the village seems a grandmother who walked bent over. He passed through residential areas with a look full of pity.
"Hmm, sorry for these residents. They suffer just because of one man's behavior. It seems like this should be immediately terminated, "thought the old woman.
He walked over to a resident who was pounding rice.
"Nyi! I asked passengers, "said the grandmother.
"My grandma what is it?" Said Nyi Asih pound rice is the
"Where can I find the most wealthy people in this village?" Said the grandmother
"Oh, grandmother's house Nyi Endit mean?" Said Nyi Mercy. "It's close to grandma. Grandma lived to see the T-junction go straight. Then turn left grandmother. Later the grandmother will see a very large house. That's her home. What does grandma have the same need Nyi Endit? "
"I want to ask for alms," said the grandmother.
"Ah it's useless grandmother asked him, going ga given. If hungry grandma, grandma can eat at my house, but sober, "said Nyi Mercy.
"No," replied the grandmother. "I just want to know his reaction if there are beggars asking for alms. Oh yes, please you tell other people to get ready to evacuate. Because soon there will be a big flood. "
"She's joking yes?" Said Nyi Asih surprised. "Where there may be flooding in the dry season."
"I'm not kidding," said the grandmother. "I am the one who will give lessons on Nyi Endit. Therefore mengungsilah immediately, take your valuable asset, "said the grandmother.
After that the old woman went Nyi Asih leaving the still dazed.
Meanwhile Nyai Endit are enjoying an abundant meal, as did the centengnya. The beggar arrived in front of the house Nyai Endit and directly confronted by the guard.
"Hey old beggar! Get out of here! Do not let this terrace house stepped on your feet dirty! "Guard snapped.
"I want to ask for alms. Maybe there are leftovers I can eat. For three days I did not eat, "said the grandmother.
"What do I care," snapped guard. "Just what I was your father? If you want to eat ya buy do not ask! Go on, get out before I drag! "
But the old woman did not budge in its place. "Nyai Endit out! I want to ask for alms. Nyai Endiiiit ...! "Cried the grandmother.
Guard-guard was trying to drag the old woman who kept yelling, but no luck.
"Who would scream out," said Nyai Endit. "Disturb people eat it!"
"Hey ...! Who are you old woman? Why yelling in front of people? "Snapped Nyai Endit.
"I just want to ask for some food since I was three days without food," said the grandmother.
"Lah .. ga eat the same I ask why? No! Get out of here! Later many flies kissing you smell, "said Nyai Endit.
The grandmother instead of going but instead stuck his stick into the ground and looked Nyai Endit with rage.
"Hey Endit ..! During this time God gave you rijki abundant but you're not grateful. You're stingy! While the villagers were starving and you're wasting food, "cried the old woman angrily. "I came here as an answer to the prayers of the people who are miserable because of your doing! Now prepared to receive your sentence. "
"Ha ha ha ... You want to punish me? No one ya? You do not see the guard-centengku much! Once at it, you'll die, "said Nyai Endit.
"No need to bother me away," said the grandmother. "I'll go from here if you can unplug the stick from the ground."
"You crazy grandmother. So what nyabut stick. Without any effort I could! "Said Nyai Endit arrogant.
Then hup! Nyai Endit try unplugging the stick with one hand. It turned out that the staff did not budge. He tried it with both hands. Hup hup! Still does not budge, too.
"Damn!" Said Nyai Endit. "Hitman! Unplug the stick! Beware if not plucked up. I cut your salary! "
Guard-guard tried to unplug the stick the old woman, but though it was drawn by three people, the staff still did not budge.
"Ha ha ha ... you do not succeed?" Said the grandmother. "Apparently you are not much power. See I would pull out of this stick. "
Brut! With one snap, the stick was lifted off the ground. Byuuuuurrr! Suddenly from the former cane tancapan the grandmother sprinkling of water is very swift.
"Endit! This is the punishment for you! Water is the tears of the people who are miserable because of you. You and all your possessions will be submerged by the water! "
Having said this, the old woman suddenly disappeared somewhere. Endit Nyai who lived panic seen that overflow with rushing water. He tried to run to save his property, but the faster the flood drowning along his property.
In the village has now formed a beautiful little lake. People called it 'Situ Bagendit'. It means coming from the lake and Bagendit Endit said. Some people believe that sometimes we can see the leech of the mattress at the bottom of the lake. He said it was an incarnation Nyai Endit not able to escape from the trap flood.

Asal Usul Gunung Tangkuban Perahu

In West Java, Bandung regency precisely, there is a beautiful recreation area is Mount Tangkuban boat. Tangkuban Boat means a boat that overturned. Named because its shape resembles an inverted boat. It is said that according to folklore Parahyangan mountain is a boat that overturned. Here is his story.

Many thousands of years ago, the land Parahyangan led by a king and a queen who just had a daughter. Princess named Dayang Sumbi. She is very pretty and intelligent, unfortunately he is very spoiled. On a day when she was weaving on the porch of the palace, Dayang Sumbi feel weak and dizzy. He dropped to the floor of the yarn spun many times. When pintalannya fall for the umpteenth time Dayang Sumbi became angry and swore she would marry anyone who would get pintalannya it. Right after these words were uttered oath, comes a magical dog named Tumang and submit it to the hand-spun Sumbi Dayang. So inevitably, in accordance with his oath, Dayang Sumbi should marry the dog.
Dayang Tumang Sumbi and live happily until they were blessed with a child who is a son of man, but to have magic powers like his father. These children are named Sangkuriang. In times of growth, then se Sangkuring accompanied by a dog play called Tumang that he knew only as a faithful dog, not as a father. Sangkuriang grown into a handsome young man of valor.
Dayang Sumbi one day sent his son to go along with his dog to hunt deer for the purposes of any party. After a long search with no results, Sangkuriang feel hopeless, but he did not want to disappoint her mother. So with very forced him to take an arrow and aimed it at Tumang. Upon returning home he handed his mother Tumang meat. dayanng Sumbi who thought the meat was venison, was happy for her success.
Soon after the party thought Dayang Sumbi Tumang and asked her son where is Tumang. At first Sangkuriang fear, asceticism he finally said what had happened to her mother. Dayang Sumbi became very angry, the anger he hit Sangkuriang to pass out right in the forehead. Dayang Sumbi the offense were expelled from the kingdom by his father. Fortunately Sangkuriang conscious go back but blows his mother leave a scar who very width in keningnya.Setelah adult, Sangkuriang no matter go wander for know the state of outside world.
Several years later, Sangkuriang met a very beautiful woman. He soon fell in love with the woman. The woman is her own mother, but they do not recognize each other. Sangkuriang proposed, Dayang Sumbi was accepted with pleasure. The day before the wedding day, when her fiance was stroking hair, Dayang Sumbi see a big scar on his forehead Sangkuriang, he finally realizes that she almost married his own son. Knowing that Dayang Sumbi trying to thwart her marriage. After thinking hard he finally decides to propose marriage requirement which can not be granted by Sangkuriang. Condition is: Sangkuriang must create a dam that can cover the entire mountain, and make a boat to traverse the dam. All that must be completed before dawn.
Sangkuriang start working. Her love is so great at Sangkuriang gave a strange power. Do not forget he also uses the power he got from his father to summon the jinn and help. With silt and soil they contain water from rivers and springs. Sometime before dawn, Sangkuriang cut down a large tree to make a boat. When Dayang Sumbi see that Sangkuriang almost completed its work, he prayed to the gods to thwart his son's work and accelerate the arrival of the morning.
Rooster crows, the sun rises earlier than usual and Sangkuriang realized that he had been deceived. With so angry he cursed Dayang Sumbi and kicked almost a homemade boat to the middle of the woods. The boat had been there in a state of reversed, and the shape of Mount Tangkuban boat (boat menelungkub). Not far away there are the rest of the felled tree stumps Sangkuriang, we now know as the Mount of stumps. The dam which created Sangkuriang cause the entire hill covered with water and formed a lake where Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi immersed himself and not heard from again until now.
Nyai Loro Kidul
According sahibul saga, King of King West Java Siliwangi have a very powerful, well-known and highly bijaksana.Ia have a very beautiful empress and empress gave birth a few days selir.Suatu a very beautiful baby girl named Princess Lara Kadita.
This baby is growing up and very pretty, prettier than her mother.
Of course the King is very happy and lara Kadita Princess will be the royal heir of his father,
The mistress of King hated the Princess Lara Kadita and trying to destroy the life of the Empress and his beautiful daughter itu.Dengan using black magic to make them face the Empress and her daughter became very poor and their bodies and very terrible stink.
The king orders them to leave the palace,
They went through a quiet jalan2 towards the south until the Empress died of a very severe suffering.
Princess Lara Kadita proceeded in a state of despair, weary and hungry he finally fell pingsan.Ketika consciously hear the waves and move on for the sound of the waves and reach the edge of the ocean.
He was resting in one of the rocks just off the sea, now called Karangbawu about 8 km west Inna Samudra Beach Hotel which became the subject wisata.Pada as he sat upon a rock, he fell asleep and dreamed he was inspired to jump overboard into the sea to cleanse themselves.
Apparently recovered his body and his face became beautiful kembali.Sejak she became Queen of the sea, and ruled in the south of the island of Java with the title "Nyai Loro Kodul" means the Queen of the South Seas.
Community strongly believes in the power of the Port of Queen of South and East Nyai menetapkam on 6 April as the Fisherman's Day and celebrate with a feast of activities of the Sea (Labuh food) and plead with the Almighty power to keep memberijan protection and prosperity.
Ocean Beach Hotel has 308 rooms provide a special room with all equipment and drawings relating to the Legend of the South East Nyai. Domestic and international tourist are visiting room 308 as a fan of the South East Nyai and care for all the equipment that is in room 308 and replace with new equipment when it is visible damage or usang.Mereka helped preserve the culture of West Java, Indonesia in particular.
The existence of opinions and experiences, and other related premises hal2 room 308 was returned to the faith and confidence personally masing2.
Thus the story of Legend of the South East Nyai to increase our knowledge about the culture of West Java.

Legenda Ikan Dewa (Kuningan-Jawa Barat)

Imy god is a kind of sacred fish by the population around
Maniskidul Village area and its surroundings. Even in the surrounding area
Brass-West Java, this fish is believed to be a special fish
a blessing for anyone who can touch his body.

In recent years, the legend continues to spread from mouth to mouth
to the surrounding community and even from outside Cirebon Cirebon, came to
Brass wanted to see the fish god, well just look at or
have other goals. Many legends about the origins of these fish,
as said by Mr. Mamat, one of tire leasing officer
There has been many years in Cibulan, "Once upon a time when King Siliwangi
still alive, he ruled justly and wisely, so that
almost all the soldiers and kawulanya submissive and respectful to the King.
However, no ivory that is not cracked, as well as with King Siliwangi,
despite being ruled by the fair, there are still soldiers who
hate and discontent with the King Siliwangi. Long story short,
dikutuklah soldiers who defied such that it becomes
fish, whose existence we can still see today in
Cibulan pool ".

And oddly enough there is no single person is willing to take these fish, either
just maintained, or even cooked and eaten. Because,
according beliefs surrounding community, a bold barangsiapapun
disturb the fish are, to him will be something
disaster. This story can we hear from people around, be
believe it or not. Even according to the story develops, the number of fish
in this pool from the beginning until now not been increased
or less, still that much-so only. Never too suddenly, the fish
Gods who are in the pool is lost some where, then tomorrow
day back to normal. Aware of the tourism potential of the
the existence of the fish god, the local villagers to build this place, so
but the visitors could see the fish god that looks beautiful and
section, visitors can also swim with him. Do not worry,
fish or fish Kancra White Gods, because the shiny white scales, not
would disturb the man who wants to swim with him, even as if
they feel happy, because sometimes while they are swimming
follow us.

Permanent ponds constructed in 1939 is quite broad
also, more or less long and less than 70 feet wide
approximately 30 meters. Each having different depths,
according to the categories, which are pools for children and a pool for
adults. The cool water, directly obtained from the slopes of Mount Ciremai,
looks clear and tempting us to swim with the fish god
are in the pool. To maintain the cleanliness of the pool Cibulan,
pond drained once every two weeks, or could be more, if deemed water
was very dirty. Likewise with the existing facilities in this place,
Rinse the shower room, dressing room, rent a tire, rental
clothes, everything is complete, the manager apparently had intended
to incorporate these places as tourist attractions and water
legend of the fish god. Moreover, with relatively low entry costs, only
Rp 2,000 per person, certainly not going to incriminate the visitors who
want to visit here.

Relatively easy to reach this place, because it is located on the edge of the road
province, the Brass - Cirebon Maniskidul Village, District
Jalaksana, Regency Brass. Distance from City of Brass Regency less
further 7 km to the north, and lies at an altitude of 550 m above
sea ​​level. This whole vast area of ​​about 5 ha, which
besides the pool there is also a site Cibulan Petilasan King Siliwangi (
Pajajaran king), in that there are seven petilasan spring
water, which each have benefits for people who
believe it. To seven springs are a fountain glory;
Cisadane springs; kemulyaan springs a fountain of youth fountain
grant; safety springs and springs Cirancana. On
certain times of the many places petilasan diziarahi by
local residents or people from outside the Brass and

Cibulan containing the history, legends and sights can be
made a series of destination if we went to the
brass. Nan typical clean mountain air, away from pollution plus
with beautiful views of Mount Ciremai, always offering
Cibulan tour around the beauty and brass.

ASAL MULA KOTA CIANJUR (Cerita Rakyat dari Jawa Barat)

Pany antiquity in the area
In antiquity in the West Java area there is a very rich man. The whole field and lading in his village to be his. The villagers only become rice cultivators and agricultural laborers lading was a rich man. The rich man by a villagers nicknamed Mr. miser because he was a very miserly. Pak Kekikirnya kikr indiscriminately, to the extent of the only son he was very stingy.
Fortunately, nature is not niggardly in her son's contagious. Son of Mr. miser's good character. Unbeknownst to his father, he often helped neighbors in need.
According to the assumption and belief that the village community, if you want a good harvest and abundant shower then the premises must be made well too. Fear that if the next harvest fails, then the stingy Mr. forced to throw a party and celebration of salvation all the villagers were invited by Mr. stingy. The villagers thought that would get a tasty and delicious food in that salvation. Estimate was missed, it was Mr. miserly only provide perfunctory meals, and even then not enough to entertain all those who were invited. Banyakdinatara invitations that do not get food. They end up on the breast stroke can only Pak miserly attitude which again proved stingy.
"Huh! Had dared to invite people apparently can not menyediakana food, really insane, what a bunch of his property was "
"God does not give a blessing on jartanya akana a lot of it"
Such rumors and curses of the poor colored people held a party selamatan Pak stingy.
At the time of the feast of salvation is in progress, yiba suddenly there came a frail old woman who asked for alms pda Pak stingy.
"Sir ... I give alms, though only a mouthful of rice ... "groaned the old grandmother
"What is charity? Do you think the rice is not necessary to toil ... huh?
"Give me a little of the treasures that abound host it ......??"
"No! Get out of here, if not I will order tukung pukulku to meghajarmu! "

Grandma was visible tears.
Thus the old woman did not get a handout, but instead driven by Mr. sevcara rough stingy. He immediately left the house of Mr miserly page.
Pak's son saw the incident is very sad miser. Secretly he took his lunch ration, and then pursued a grandmother who had reached the end of the village, gave food to her grandmother.
Grandma was feeling very happy "good sengguh you son, may your life be a glorious future"
After the young man was gone, the old woman went on his way. He arrived at a hill near the village, he paused. saw a miserly house of Mr. Palling large and stately in the village. While people around him suffer katrena Pak miserly greed.
Because the behavior of Mr. miser's see, the old woman was angry and said "remember, remember Mr. miserly, greedy and kekikiranmu would drown yourself. The Lord will bring upon thee punishment "
Grandma was then stuck his stick in the ground, then lifting again. It emanates from the hole tancapan very swift water. The longer the water is getting bigger and heading to the village.
"Flood!" "Banjirrr!" Shouted the villagers began to panic saw the flood coming from the valley.
Son of Mr. miser immediately urged the people to immediately leave the village and fled into the hills.
"Quickly leave this village, and flee into the hills a safe"
"But the fields and cattle we do?"
"You select the property or life? There was no time to bring the treasure again "
Miser Mr. Wise child that kept yelling reminded the villagers. He also persuaded his father to get out of the house.
"Father quickly settled down; fish house, we had to get out to save themselves"
"What? Just run away. Stupid! I must take my treasure chest that I had in the first empire "
With no time the child ran menyelamatka Pak miserly self, while the miserly Mr. continue to collect their belongings. He was late menyelamatkna himself, finally drowned in the flood flow.
Most of the villagers including the son of the miserly Mr. survived. They were sad to see his village drowned. Then they decided to seek new areas. They raised children Pak stingy village as their new leader.
Son of Mr. and advises people griping to cultivate land that has been shared equally. The new village leaders to teach residents how to plant and irrigate rice paddies as well. The village was then called the village of recommendation, the villagers always adhere to the recommended pimpinannnya.
Eventually, the village developed into a small town called Cianjur. Ci means the water. Cianjur means the area that contains enough water. Prompts village leader offered guidance in processing rice farmers, the Bersa Cianjur hitherto known to be very good and tasty.

Jake Tarub and 7 ANGEL

Tarub Jake is one of the folklore of Central Java, which tells about the life of Ki Jaka Tarub that after the old title of Ki Ageng Tarub, a legendary figure who is considered as the ancestor of the kings of the Sultanate of Mataram, from the daughter, is named Retno Nawangsih

The story line

One day Jake Tarub went hunting in the area of ​​the Sacred Mountain. On the mountain there is a lake where fairies bathe seven.

Jaka Tarub take a fairy shawl. When the seventh angel out of the shower, six of the seven angels back to heaven. The rest is a confused person looking for her shawl, because without it he can not fly.
Jaka Tarub appear to come in handy. Nawangwulan angel named David was willing to go home. Both eventually married and have a daughter, Dewi Nawangsih.

During the home life, Nawangwulan always wore his power. Grain of rice can be cooked into the rice basket. One day Jake Tarub Nawangwulan so as not to violate the ban on open lid rice cooker. Nawangwulan consequently lost his supernatural powers. Since then he has to cook the rice like any ordinary woman.
Thus, the supply of rice to be quickly exhausted. When the rice is low, scarves inheritance Nawangwulan found hidden in the barn. Nawangwulan too angry to know that her husband had stolen object.
Jaka Tarub begged her not to return to heaven. But Nawangwulan determination was made. Just for the sake of the baby Nawangsih he was willing to come down to earth to feed it.

Marriage Nawangsih

Jaka Tarub later became leaders of the village holds a Ki Ageng Tarub, and friendship with the king of Majapahit UB. On a day of UB sends keris Kyai Mahesa contagious so treated by Ki Ageng Tarub.
UB messenger who delivered the dagger named Ki Buyut Kejawan Masahar and Mariah, his adopted son. Ki Ageng Kejawan Tarub know that Mariah is actually the biological son of UB. So, the young man was asked to stay with the village Tarub.

Since then Mariah Kejawan be adopted Ki Ageng Tarub, and was renamed Peteng Ox. When Nawangsih grow up, they were married.

After Jake died Tarub, Ox aka Mariah Peteng Kejawan Ki Ageng Tarub replaced as new. Nawangsih itself gave birth to a son, who as an adult named Ki Getas Pandavas.
Ki Ageng Getas Pandavas then have the title of Ki Ageng son Sela, who is the great-grandfather Panembahan Senapati, founder of the Sultanate of Mataram.

The story of Jake Tarub analysis

Babad Tanah Jawi script is the history of the Sultanate of Mataram. News about Panembahan Senapati and his successors are approaching historical fact. But the stories before Panembahan Senapati tend to be imaginary, especially about the kingdom of Majapahit.

Some argue, Sultanate of Mataram was established by family farmers, not a noble family. Therefore, for the sake of legitimacy and recognition from the people of Java, were created the mythical figures as a special all-ancestor of the kings of Mataram.

In this case, a character who married Mariah Kejawan Nawangsih called a special lady. Nawangsih is a mix between a human child and an angel. This story is reminiscent of the character in Ken Arok Pararaton. Majapahit party also wanted to show that their ancestors, which Ken Arok was a special man half-god.

But among the Sufis, it could be possible terjadi.Hal terjadi.Mudah-maybe just for God to send angels to later be reunited with his servant Tarub named Jake, who has nasab sublime.


Babad Tanah Jawi. , 2007. (Tr.). London: Narrative
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Well, that was one of West Java Folklore is still legendary sapai time now, and still known as one of the many folk tales have positive values Of life.

jangan lupa beri sumber terlebih dahulu.....

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