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Ganga with all new chill out music

Hey everyone! It's Ganga with all that's new in chillout, techno, electronica and lounge. I've been listening to some cool music this month and want to tell you about some new albums that might become your favorites.

This month I've got a review of a great new compilation and a free chillout music download from Aleph Zero Records.

The new compilation from Aleph Zero Records is called Dark Room Beats and is a great little pearl of ambient electronica. Well maybe not all ambient, but in the slower and spacier end of electronica for sure - I am sure some would call some of it psychill - but with an edge of electronica.

Dublee is a Japanese techno producer, who released several 12 inches on Trauma and also on one of the most famous japanese labels, Op disc. His releases on Mule Electronic has made his music better known in Europe.

Now the Japanese label Fountain music, releases Dublee new live album "Monologue", as part of their project "Plaza In Crowd". Check out the free chillout music download at this link:

Monologue is a full length live sound for 69 minutes.

klik here

The Smokey Bandits' newest release is "Debut" on Klik Records.

It's business as usual in The Smokey Bandits house: bass lines come and go, trumpets are sitting lazily in the living room, accordions and trombones melting around, congas, maracas and bongos arguing about the last Tarantino film, flutes wanting to take the leadership, old-school Waltzes n' Tangos drinking a big bottle of champagne, guitars and Rhodes sitting comfortably in the sofa watching (one more time) "Smokey And The Bandit" (apparently their favorite film).

Listen to snippets from the Smokey Bandits Debut album here and a free chillout music download is all yours:

download here

I've just listened to Michiko's "No Place Like Home" produced entirely by herself.

Michiko, the young enigmatic London-based electro pop artist with roots in Australia, Japan, Germany and the UK, released her debut album "Daydreamer" in 2006, with a smooth mix of lounge, electronic and pop. Her follow-up "No Place Like Home" adds more elaborate flavours, more upbeat sounds and a campy varnish to create a truly delightful vibe. "No Place Like Home" sounds like Sade and Goldfrapp hanging out with the producers of Naked Music to create a very contemporary love album. Or as Michiko would humbly put it: "It's just the music I like and maybe you like, too. Check out a free chillout music download at my site here:

Ganga - Downbeat / Chill Out Music

And from Germany, "Genau Meine Musik," a chillout compilation from Hamburg.

Inspired by the expressive images and the atmospheric music of this spot, the Hamburg based chill-out-pioneer Raphael Marionneau arranged this compilation which represents the values of the chill out downtempo brand "Jever" in a very authentic way. "Genau Meine Musik" contains 17 carefully chosen tracks, that call up associations with the sea, dunes and clouds; with people that achieve an inner balance by the energy of nature; with a natural world that rises above the stress and worries of our time. Raphael Marionneau apparently spent around 6 months working on this CD compilation. A free chillout music download is yours here: klik here

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